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i am shaking. Boston University. I remember feeling totally overwhelmed looking for an apartment in Boston from my home up in New Hampshire. Harvard Law School was very large. This section of the website is designed specifically for you! I tend to find the BC and BU law graduates to be the core of the law firms. As such, a law degree can be a stepping stone to a career that can have a meaningful impact on many lives. i don't even know my timeline and idk what the friendly lady on the phone said. Clara Burrill Bruce ('26) was the only African American woman in her class, and her election to chair of the Boston University Law Review was historic: she was the first woman to head the publication at BU and the first African American to become editor-in-chief of a law … 16mid/low 3.9 KJD nURM. This was good in that you could find all types of people and I felt very few people lacked friends, but it was bad in that you could easily get lost in the system. I have known a lot of lawyers who attended BC or BU law schools and Harvard law school. Admissions Result oh my god. You join a select group of students who have been admitted from a very large pool of applicants. Nevertheless, the salary-to-debt ratio was much better than the norm at some law schools, such as the Howard University School of Law in the District of … I did not do so for questions and answers written by other users, except to remove extraneous language (e.g., statements of thanks at the beginning/end of questions). But as for whether it’s a good school or not is up for debate. It’s my impression that BC Law was considered the better school historically, but BU Law has passed them in the U.S. News ranking in the past few years (I don’t give much stock to U.S. It’s that time of year – students that have decided to come to BU Law have begun looking for housing. It … BU (Reverse Splitter!!!) applied 10/24. As well their employment rates are similar as are their bar passage rates. Applicants who are confident that Boston University (BU Law) is their first choice can receive priority review and express their commitment to attend BU Law by applying through one of two binding decision options—the Distinguished Scholar Binding Early Decision Program, and the “BU-Bound” Binding Decision Program. Welcome to Boston University School of Law! Enjoy! Access study documents, get answers to your study questions, and connect with real tutors for BU 231 : Business Law at Wilfrid Laurier University. Update (8/20/19): I recently proofread and edited my portions of the AMA to improve clarity and readability. Here is another law school with a great library which ranks #12 in the nation. Both schools cost about the same amount and matched scholarships of $18,000 per year. oh my freaking god. Binding Decision Programs. The law touches nearly every aspect of society. I recently held a Reddit AMA on how to succeed in law school. Compiled below are the questions and answers.

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