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Originally we planned for 4 nights/5 days. '&av='+escape(navigator.appVersion)+ '&l='+escape(navigator.language)+ It rained hard during the night with a little thunder but quit by morning before we got up. URLs start with the letters "http://" google_ad_width = 160; We only saw and heard one of the lead canoes for a couple of minutes when we first launched. In early May we completed a four day through trip of the Clarion River, PA from Ridgway, to Parker on the Allegheny River (~94 miles). Location is perfect. We had a simple meal of hot dogs and coleslaw and sat around a small fire until 10pm. We found camp at 6:15pm. On Saturday we covered from New Maxwell Run Bridge to below Gravel Lick (~22 miles). help defer the expense of keeping us online. Canoeing for Couples Skills Assessment Quiz, Jessup River Downstream & Across Indian Lake, Little Tupper Lake to Lake Lila to Lows Lake, Stillwater Reservoir and The Red Horse Trail, Unadilla to the Susquehanna to the PA State Line,,,, General information at, The Clarion River Water Trail guide can be found at, Middle- var data,nhp,ntz,rf;document.cookie='__support_check=1';nhp='http'; The Contented Angler 147 Jefferson Avenue Lower Burrell, PA. 15068: The "No Tresspassing signs begin a few feet after the "Scenic Clarion River signs and you know what they do to the scenery. That was positive as Dave Love had told us that should sit 4’ up on the shore line and surf the release wave when it comes downstream. The waitress was impossibly chipper. //-->,